An innovator in luxury home construction and a leader in service. 

Dan McGhee founded the JD Group nearly thirty years ago because he saw a need for greater integrity and quality in the custom home-building business. He set out to develop a company with the highest standards and the finest quality and to ensure long-lasting relationships in our community.

As the builder of some of California’s most exclusive estate compounds, Dan and the team at JD Group are well versed in what it takes to deliver quality construction and a pleasant Client experience. We understand the delicate balance between the Design Team, the Client, and the Builder. We know that simply delivering quality construction is not enough. The JD Group company culture embraces the great mutual benefits of solid collaborative relationships while committed to our Clients' needs.

When you choose the JD Group, not only will you be proud of the quality of your home, but we will also make sure you have enjoyed the building process.

Malibu Hills


Calabasas Highlands

The Strand

Hope Ranch

Bird Streets


Attention to Every Detail

JD Group reviews each and every project.
We refine and polish our processes
continually to better serve our clients.
These details demonstrate our focus and commitment to offering the best
home-building experience possible.


The JD Group begins each project by clarifying schedules and budgets upfront with the architect, designers, and client to ensure an attainable outcome. Meeting regularly with the client during the pre-production phase ensures a positive project launch. From project conception, the JD Group can offer assistance to the client and the design team to accurately define the project scope. Utilizing the JD Group expertise during the pre-construction phase enables us to assemble the best team for your project. This allows us to coordinate each phase from breaking ground to handing you the keys.


The JD Group provides a thorough and complete estimate. We bring a trusted network of incredibly skilled subcontractors to each project, which provides a comprehensive and itemized cost per trade. We present our budget in an easy to understand CSI-formatted document, which itemizes all hard cost as well as allowances for yet-to-be-selected specialty items, such as, stone finishes or door hardware.

The JD Group works with architects, designers, and clients to establish a realistic project budget. Throughout the design process, the JD Group monitors costs to keep the design on budget. By bringing us into the conversation early on, clients can rest assured that their design can be built within their budget.

Our accurate estimating sets the JD Group apart from its peers. Our team scrutinizes each drawing, carefully walks subcontractors through the plans and the property to capture all anticipated costs, and itemizes each estimate for complete transparency.

Project Coordination:

As your General Contractor the JD Group will provide you with a Project Management Team of the highest integrity. Our commitment is to assist the client and design team at every level while managing our subcontractors in the field to bring you the highest quality available in any custom home. Our Project managers, supervisors, and laborers are second to none and maintain a safe and clean project throughout both the interior and exterior elements of your home.

The JD Group has a proven reputation of integrity in all aspects of the custom home-building process, including troubleshooting unforeseen issues. We oversee the entire building process from concept to delivery and drive our teams to be on time and on budget.


Our attention to detail also sets us apart from our competitors. When the JD Group completes a project, we know that masterfully built house will now become a home. When we hand you the keys, we want your house to become the home that you have envisioned for many years to come. Our team will ensure your project is fully ready to use.
An innovator in luxury home construction and a leader in service. 
Office: (310) 575-5551
Contractor's License # 675485
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